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Capri Anderson


Capri Anderson

Memorable and Vivid

Capri Anderson

Memorable and Vivid

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Some people have everything in the world figured out except their love life. And when you tend to be a trusting and genuinely warm person, that can sometimes bite you in the butt.

Not that Capri Anderson does not have a very fine butt indeed, but she did seem destined to spend an inordinate amount of time getting metaphorically bitten, and that always seemed a shame. In a different time, with different taste in not only men, but the people in line to “help” her, Capri might have really set this industry on its ear. Of course going from a quiet young star with a boyfriend that couldn’t quite perform on camera, to Charlie Sheen infamy, to Vivid, well, fame-ishness, that would be tough on anyone to process, so Capri disappeared all too soon from those of us that always liked her.

Of course she has not spent all that many years on the planet yet, so Capri Anderson — who was just Capri when she started, and might be Capri something else when next we see her — might surprise us yet. We hope so. Wonderful lady, that one.


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