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McKenzee Miles to Go

McKenzee Miles and Victoria Sinn


McKenzee Miles to Go

McKenzee Miles to Go

Victoria Sinn Snuggles with McKenzee Miles

Modern Day Pirates

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McKenzee Miles, Victoria Sinn, Alex Sanders, Brian Surewood

It could be a warped childhood that forms some conclusions in the adult mind. When you hear the director pun a “head to head” competition and take a look at Brian Surewood, for example, perhaps not everyone thinks of Popeye while humming Blow da men down… we suspect. On the other hand, retrospect can be substantially overrated, in our (almost never humble, truthfully) opinion.

You spend too much time wondering how you ended up where you are, and you may miss what’s coming around the corner — which could be excellent, like two eager women aligned to perform in a rather festive adult contest, or could be, y’know, like a train. Either way, it always seems better to look forward.

So with that inspiration, we should advise you that as a Feature Film you’re not going to get much in the way of technical expertise, plot development, depth of character, or life lessons necessarily in this one, but by now you should probably have figured that out. To their credit, at least McKenzee and Victoria appear genuinely interesting in both the faux “competition” and having a great time while competing. Honestly, if you can’t enjoy your job, you really should be doing something else. What if you die driving home from a job you really hate? That would suck, right? … For their parts, Alex and Brian play the roles perfectly of, “Let me get this straight. You want to pay me money for what again?”

And that pretty much sums up your experience here. Well, it sums up what you will see on the screen. What you do to complete your experience in the privacy of your own home, well, that would be none of our business. You may not get a lot of personal edification from the sugary interviews and occasionally painful camera angles, but how much cynicism can you really feel from a guy that explains simply, “Nudity would be great right now,” as he encourages participation from the performers? This would be one of those sets where people just show up to have some fun. Deep in other ways or not, sometimes just kicking back and enjoying something simple can be just what one needs for a few moments in life.

On that last note — even considering our vastly jaded views of this kind of entertainment — we should commend the women here for some seriously impressive deep throat techniques. We’re hazarding a guess that this may not have been their first time. Definitely “strong to the finich” [sic] these two.

Honestly, social media efforts to find either of these pirates could be frustrating. McKenzee Miles claims only to be active on cam networks now, and Victoria only has a link to a (predictably) defunct MySpace page that we could find. Presumably their “booty” was sufficient to allow them to retire to a distant tropical island. Good for them, we say.

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