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If you have diverse tastes, you may become a very happy person here in just a second. You see, you get a whole bunch of people to hang with when you decide to follow the Reel Risqué Road.

a Risque Commune

As part of the Reel Risque membership site, you also get 15+ years of hard core experience via the Risqué Commune web system. If you want some of those ever-popular bullet points, consider:

  • Over 25,000 PAGES of Completely Personal Experiences
  • Over 325,000 Diary Entries & Photos of the Adult Industry in Action
  • More than 96% EXCLUSIVE Content (Industry Conventions y’know?)
  • Thousands of cutting-edge Video Segments (and some odd ones)
  • Follow the “typical” and very personal Lives of Adult Industry “Prose”

Essentially we report on the adult industry “from the inside” – a fact which actually makes some sense because the “inside” parts of adult entertainment seem to garner a significant degree of attraction, for whatever reason. We’ve basically been blogging since the concept had but minuscule recognition in an extremely geeky community. We have a social network of unique (and even potentially erudite – oooh) dimension. We enjoy sharing; think of it like that.

Reel Risque Digital

Although we tend to be pretty picky when it comes to letting even stars into our little world, the digital landscape does change over time. Currently you can find the complete online homes of Shayla LaVeaux, Kylie Ireland, Cytherea, Ginger Lynn, Dee, and Kristal Summers in the Risque Commune. Over the years we have been home to Juli Ashton, Inari Vachs, Wendy Divine, Devinn Lane, and even Nina Hartley for a brief time. This latter group has moved on to different pastures — or none altogether, technically — but we always wish them the best. People do not stop being friends because they choose a different path in life. With a modest application of the search engine on RisqueMembers, you can find a great deal about all of these women in the archives. At that point you will know why we enjoy them.


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