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Ava Rose, Courtney Cummz & Gabby Quinteros

Ava Rose, Courtney Cummz, Gabby Quinteros


Ava Rose, Courtney Cummz & Gabby Quinteros

Lez B Antics

Ava Rose, Courtney Cummz, Gabby Quinteros

Lez B Antics

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Think about Ava Rose sort of ruling the situation with Courtney and Gabby, and then consider the following. …

Anyone that has ever played a team sport understands the unique environment that being surrounded only by members of the same sex brings to a situation. Of course whether or not you consider that environment a good thing depends to a great extent on … well, we’re not sure because at least as far as the folks around here go, locker rooms just always seemed like weird places. Joining a fraternity? … We’ll take whatever’s behind Door #2, please. …

Now that said, we also remain completely comfortable with the explicit double standard evident in thoroughly appreciating environments filled (almost) exclusively with women — particularly, as it turns out, should that situation become one of an explicit variety. Go figure.

Adult performers come basically from two general groups:

  1. Those that enjoy the exhibitionistic nature of having sex in front of other people, and
  2. Those that have an ability to completely close out everything in the room except the person (or people) also directly involved in doing the deed.

We have absolutely zero idea what happens in all-male scenes, but if you ever end up with an all-female scene, and each of the women participating happens to come from “option two” there, well even if you happen to be a male, you can be sure you’re going to have a pretty good day at work. The vast majority of the on-camera participants, you see, come from that first category, so when you somehow end up with three women all from #2, well, you get what we got here. And that definitely qualifies as a good thing.

Technically this happened to be a “Courtney Cummz” scene, but anyone that knows her can tell you that Ava Rose never really takes any prisoners when it comes to sex. Poor Gabby just sort of had to hang on and have fun, but you know, she never really seemed to mind.


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