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Jassie & Eric Masterson

Jassie and Eric Masterson


Jassie & Eric Masterson

Jassie & Eric Masterson

The Do Tell Motel


The Do Tell Motel

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We should probably mention that “Jassie and Eric Masterson” just happen to be the full names of the intimate participants in today’s exercise. That phrase does not reflect the names of a married couple as it might sound. Truth be told, Eric happens to be married to Wendy Divine, which considering Eric’s role in this episode makes Wendy truly divine in many ways, but that doesn’t happen to be the point this time around.

We had a very specific instruction this week, that coming from D.Minion who requested a “radical departure” from the decidedly aggressive interaction in our last feature with Lexi Love and Maria Belucci (along with a pair of vigorously single-minded male parts).

Spend enough time in this business and you will absolutely stretch previously-held boundaries on what you consider “normal” sexual activity. That makes perfect sense. After all, if you thought regular Hollywood movies accurately reflected real life, you’d think that all fist fights last several minutes and stunningly beautiful women always fall for clever geeky guys that make them laugh. (Actually, a fight rarely lasts more than a punch or two before one side realizes, “Hey! That hurts!” and stunningly beautiful women never stick around long enough to rate the cleverness of the average geek. Sad. True.)

It may surprise you to know, however, that if you spend enough time in this business, you also develop a keen appreciation for quintessential female/male sex on an actual bed. Like anything in life, if something fun almost never happens, you tend to enjoy it more when it does. So without bothering to give a blow-by-blow — or lick-by-lick, whatever — account, just know that those who value a more stereotypical approach to love may decide that hope exists for Reel Risque after all. Jassie has that effect on people, we have learned. According to D.Minion, some people want to watch things that might actually happen in their own lives, at places where these things might actually happen. Of course D.Minion collects trolls and Sonny & Cher memorabilia, so there’s that.

As they say, “It takes all kinds to make a world.” … Of course that sort of leaves out the corollary, “And some of those kinds may scare you a little.”


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