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Mia Smiles


Mia Smiles & Ace

Honest Appreciation

Mia Smiles

Honest Appreciation

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In response to one of the mundane questions that new interviewers always ask of adult performers, Mia Smiles once responded, “I got into porn to make money so that I could buy drugs.”

Now obviously Mia only meant drugs of the purely legal variety, like alcohol, naturally, but the honesty evident in even talking about the money had a very refreshing appeal. Although doing “The Deed” — with capitals, don’t you know — for the camera requires a lot more athletic skill than you might imagine, at its core, the job requirements for porn star do not seem all that onerous. The vast majority of humans feel sexual urges and do something about them in one way or another. We all understand the mechanics.

Most of us probably also wonder at least a little bit about the thought of getting paid for doing something that basic, that fun. The industry has changed dramatically a couple of times now, the first being the advent of the home VCR and the second being “delivery” on the internet, as it were. A lot of reasons exist as to why people attempt a professional career being naked on camera, but these reasons can only explain so much. If the money were nominal, very few people could afford to make the choice. So the money makes a big difference, which Mia acknowledges. We always admired her for that honesty, and of course that’s the only thing any of us ever noticed about her — the honesty. We barely even paid attention during the naked parts (and no one can prove any differently).

Of course Mia Smiles also always seemed to fit her name perfectly and have a great deal of fun on set. She never let her (occasionally really bad) personal situations affect her performance. Not that any of us would know personally or anything, but we hear that people enjoy drugs not only for the escape but also for the hyper-attention at least some of them provide to physical stimulus. … Let’s be honest: Even if only for a relatively short period of time, orgasms can solve a lot of problems. Mia Smiles always seemed to understand that too.


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