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Courtney Cummz

Teaching to the Choir

Courtney Cummz

Teaching to the Choir

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We seem to be riding on the Courtney Cummz Fan Club Convoy all of the sudden. That said, Courtney has always provided a very fine ride. It just always seems odd how things tend to go in phases in this business. You won’t go to a location for years, and then all the sudden you end up there three times in a month. Of course being a little surreal probably seems quite appropriate considering the professional activities at issue, and things moving in and out, well, that sounds like a suitable environment as well.

Now anyone living in Los Angeles and following the condom mandatory rule that passed with regards to LA County can tell you that things have definitely changed over the past year. According to LA, permit applications have dropped 95% by some estimates. Of course if you pull a permit, then they know where you are, and then they have a reason to check on you. But no one would ever shoot without a permit, because, y’know, that would be wrong, and everyone knows that people get into the hard core movie business because they love following rules and being conventional. Obviously.

To be clear, we don’t really know where “Courtney Cummz” down on the condom issue, but we have always admired her because she came into the industry right at one of those transition points. She started in the more “traditional” time where top stars signed exclusive contracts with companies, back when you had to be a complete idiot not to make money in this business. And she has lasted across the bridge dividing the world from that reality to one where twitter followers matter more than acting ability when it comes to getting jobs on a movie.

This industry survives because of a basic human fascination with sex and sexual activity. You do not need a PhD to understand that. People want to see what they do not see at home. Curiosity spurred the invention of both the wheel and the rabbit vibrator, after all. From an environment where company owners sold a sexual world to one where they bang with their brothers, Courtney Cummz survived. … You go girl.


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