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Sasha Grey & Jenner

Sasha Gray


Sasha Grey & Jenner

Sasha Grey & Jenner

Sexual Olympics

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Sexual Olympics

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At one end of the sexual spectrum we have the sorts of things recently highlighted on our Mother Network, Inari Vachs poses beautifully on and about a simple chair placed in the center of a beautiful foyer. Kristal Summers dons scant clothing appearing intent upon tidying up a room before deciding that even this thin cotton covering seems too much for the heat in the room, so she strips down. Simple. Relatable. Elegant.

At the other end of the spectrum we have, for example today, Sasha Grey and her appropriately Olympic-named partner, Jenner.

Now we understand that one of the “points” in the creation of adult entertainment has always been to demonstrate the types of sex that most of us do not experience at home. Regularly Hollywood movies, after all, give us the chance to live vicariously through heroes and villains, the difference being that these actors (for the most part) leave their clothes on. Movies have always been an escape for our minds, a break from the mundane existence that actually comprises the vast majority of our adult lives. Production companies go to great lengths to provide the realism that allows the audience to suspend disbelief for the two hours of their presentations. The more the customers identify with the journey on-screen, the more they will show approval by buying tickets, DVDs, downloads, or whatever.

Understanding all of this leads us to our bafflement with the companies that choose today’s Sasha/Jenner sort of “shock value” antics to sell their ware. Honestly, we have a difficult time understanding the vicarious appeal of being either one of the performers in a contest to show how many ways one can cram a penis down a throat using only a couch as a prop. We get the “Sexual Olympics” aspect of the competition; we simply do not highlight the “Sexual” part of that description as we watch the event. (For the record, a majority of those polled here would watch Sasha Grey do anything — eat a peanut butter sandwich, pet a dog, read a book — so our confusion does not extend to the participants, obviously.)

On the other hand, a quick calculation on a couple of the most popular “free porn” sites led to us to discover well over 1,000 individual “categories” that adults may choose to whet their libidos. Clearly we have many reasons to celebrate personal sexual freedoms in our society, no matter how much many of us might think, "Seriously? Wrist Jobs? That’s a thing?”

Sex will always be fun. That would be the evolutionary point, after all. While it can be elegant, and to some extent even choreographed, it can also be clumsy, frantic, and even funny. We’re just not sure it needs to be a circus act. Then again, at least at the risque offices, we’ve never really understood television programs where the point centers on eating a succession of truly disgusting things either. So there’s that.


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