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Ginger Lynn & Debi Diamond

Ginger Lynn, Debi Diamond


Ginger Lynn & Debi Diamond

Iconic Lesbians

Ginger Lynn & Debi Diamond

Iconic Lesbians

94 Photos & Video

The adult movie industry has all sorts of “stars” at any given time. Indeed sometimes it seems as though a woman need merely enter the business in any way before she becomes a porn star by definition. Over the years, naturally (or au naturel, if you prefer), there have even been a series of “Superstars” — some of which you may actually have heard of.

As with any profession, though, you will find very few icons, which probably counts as a good thing since if everyone were an icon it would cause massive icon inflation which would therefore reduce the value of any single icon. That should be obvious.

Economic theory aside in the adult star analysis, Ginger Lynn and Debi Diamond would both likely fit the icon description. When you put the two of them together on a couch and say, “Go!” then, you might reasonably expect an iconic performance. For the record, you would be correct. Granted, in this case we found it mighty difficult to find even two parts of pictures that we could include on the free tour, but members can enjoy the uncensored photographs and nearly 20 minutes of definitely not clothed performance.

What good is an icon if you can’t share it with people, after all?


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