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Alexis Love, Daisy Marie, Alan Stafford

Alexis Love & Daisy Marie


Alexis Love, Daisy Marie, Alan Stafford

Pajama Optional Party

Alexis Love & Daisy Marie

The Pajama Optional Party

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There has always been something about pretty women wearing comfortable pajamas. Of course there has always been an entirely different thing about these same women not wearing those pajamas.

Whatever your preference — and if you find yourself reading this, we feel fairly comfortable predicting it — you will likely find Alexis Love and Daisy Marie compelling fodder for this particular fantasy. Of course this would also hold true if you had thing for stuffed pink bunnies or magenta teddy bears, but we wouldn’t really have all that much to contribute to that particular conversation.

Providing all participants are of legal age and capable of consent, we just want everyone to be happy. Alexis Love and Daisy Marie? … They make us happy with or without the pajamas. Not as happy as they made Alan Stafford, probably, but still happy.


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