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Asia Carrera

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Asia Carerra

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If the adult industry ever included a more perfect female geek, we have certainly never met her. And we mean that in every sense of the term — perfect female and perfect geek.

Owning a URL such as “” by definition means that you have been around the active internet culture for a very long time. We have known a whole lot of code people over that time, so we bring a bit of authority to the statement that Asia has always been keenly interested in how she presents herself in the digital world. Almost completely unique to Asia, in fact, she has always presented herself on the web, being one of the very first folks we ever knew that sat down and taught herself html (web) code back in the days when it could do almost nothing. She’s always been a bit of a show off, that Asia, but she does it honestly and without the slightest bit of condescension. Not to put too fine of a point on it, but you won’t find too many actresses that can hold their egos absolutely in check, which made for a wonderful — albeit all too short of a — time when she chose to hang with our little professional group.

Just to be clear, if you happen to know a “more perfect female geek” then absolutely let us know. We’d love to meet the woman that can out-geek Asia Carrera.


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