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Asa Akira as Apparel

Asa Akira and Dana Vespoli


Asa Akira as Apparel

Asa Akira as Apparel

Asa Akira

Red Leather Lovin’


Asa Akira & Tony Ribas

As you see the opening of this movie, you will notice a credit that includes the stars’ names along with a little Dana Vespoli. For the record, sometimes that “with a little” part can really heat up a movie.

Put aside the fact for a moment that Dana has one truly spectacular wardrobe — as evidenced by the content of her closet — and you can embrace how much she really adds to the experience. Sure we could have had a wonderfully enjoyable bit of “Red Leather Lovin’” had we only Asa Akira and her mysteriously masked partner, but Dana truly sets this one apart.

Now most people don’t know Dana personally, of course, and most of us that do know her have never had sex with her (much to many a chagrin, truth be told). That would be a given. However, just being on set with Dana makes the day somehow more vibrant, somehow more purely in the moment. In short, she has a presence. … She would also make a most excellent present, but we digress.

By the time Asa gets to the couch to do, well, what couples in these sorts of movies generally do, everyone feels a bit like the guy in the mask we figure. Truth be told, most 3-ways in real life actually proceed much more along this path than they do the “everybody jump in everywhere” sort of approach you generally see in the movies. Maybe that realism makes it special. Or maybe it really boils down to Asa being led from afar, just not very afar. As with all good setups in adult, we each may end up with a slightly different take on the experience. Despite what the detractors of the genre may want to believe, good shows provide exactly that maturity. Besides, can you name the last time you saw a movie with a male in it that ended with a female orgasm?

We told you Dana is special. Bottom line: All of us could use a friend like her … and Asa Akira, of course. (Masked man optional.)


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