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Age of the Geekette, Baby

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Likely more than anything else, personal taste along with cultural timing determine what movie lines become cult favorites. That said, a really, really, good line makes sense to people even if they have not seen the movie — or in this case the television series. Honestly, we acquired this title purely because Age o’ the Geekette, Baby sprung immediately to mind when we ran across it. OK. So a cast featuring a couple of women off our own “too rarely employed” list didn’t hurt, but mostly we liked the title a lot.

Take a look at any television listing now, and you’re apt to find shows filled with intellectual hot women (and men), along with a healthy dose of kick-ass athletic women mixed in. Interestingly, you will also find a lot more adult companies having kick-ass women in charge of corporate decisions these days, which only makes things better in our (admittedly biased, and rarely humble) opinion.

From a plot perspective, Geekettes at least gives us some less-traditional setups from which the characters may extemporize.

  1. Motivational Anime
  2. Asian Female Tutor
  3. Learning to Talk Dirty in German
  4. Live Action Role “Playing”
  5. Algebraic Angst

They may not be setting any standards for the truly unique, admittedly, but at least Bluebird has done a bit to dispel the typical “male aggressor” point of view in every situation. Bottom line, we had some fun reviewing the show, and figure you might as well. Not everything needs to be a superstar-driven, angst-highlighting, save the world, sort of movie in order to be entertaining. Many would argue that none of those elements serve the “purpose” of adult movies at all, honestly.

Now in case “Age of the Geek, Baby” did not set off any fond alarms in your brains, we’ll close with a bit of advice that has nothing whatsoever to do with naked people and consensual sex. … For those of you that have never experienced true wonder of concept, writing, and casting that was Leverage, we have some advice: Go watch it on Netflix. (You can watch the first episode for free on Amazon Prime, but you have to pay after that, which would be silly.)

Certainly this wonderful program lacks in some areas where Geekettes excels — y’know, in the whole display and utilization of genitalia aspects — but you should enjoy it anyway. If nothing else, you may find yourself saying a couple of lines quite often in your lives. If you perhaps live in a more technical profession, “Age o’ the Geek, Baby!” will turn out to be quite handy. No matter what you do for a living, however, you will undoubtedly find many situations where this little sentence will work as few others might: “There’s something wrong with her.”


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