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Cinco de Mikayla Mendez

Cinco de Mikayla Mendez


Cinco de Mikayla Mendez

Cinco de Mikayla Mendez

Mikayla Mendez

Adult Ambassasdors: Mikayla Mendez & Evan Stone

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History repeats. Given a few minutes to think, you might be able to come up with a handful of reasons for this truth, from human nature to socio-economic trends, even to a more cynical people are cattle analysis of the theory. Rather than spend time wondering why, however, you can simply accept it and learn to use it to your advantage. Enter Mikayla Mendez: Adult Ambassador.

We tend to litter in unsolicited contract star advice around the Risqué Commune, so we see no reason to stop now. Besides, appearing wise before offering gratuitous opinion seems like a preferable strategy. So regardless of the strength or weakness of the industry as a whole, and regardless of whether big studios dominate the landscape, or small independents hold strong footholds in areas that may help you achieve fame, only a few standard reasons exist as to why someone would pay you vastly more for a movie than they would have had to simply by hiring you and paying your scene rate.

Risqué Contract Star Categories

  1. No one has ever seen you have sex on camera before, and the company that signs you thinks it will make them more money.
  2. People have seen you have sex on camera before, but they have never seen you interact with a live penis as of yet, and the company that signs you thinks it will make them more money.
  3. You can act — at least as defined within the adult movie halls. This ability tends to be indicative as a corollary benefit of an individual who can speak well out in public, perhaps even spontaneously. Consequently, the company that signs you thinks you will represent their Brand (with a capital “B”) effectively — and it will make them more money.

In this particular case, Mikayla (not always Mikayla Mendez, to be precise) had done well over 100 movies when she signed an exclusive deal with Wicked Pictures. Although, granted, the majority of her earlier scenes involved purely lesbian interaction, many of them did in fact feature penises galore. It does not take someone who scored 1600 on their SATs to figure out that she must have fallen into our Risqué Contract Star Category #3 as listed.

Now we could have advised Steve (the owner of Wicked) that signing multiple women at the same time opens the door to a whole new whirlwind of chaos (having survived the situation with Chasey Lain and Kaylan Nicole in our world) had he asked our opinion. He did not. That said, as far as any of us know, Steve might be perfectly happy with his decision to add the Wicked Exclusive tag to Alektra Blue and Mikayla Mendez at the same time. That would certainly be possible. We do know that after having worked for 5+ years in the industry, she left Wicked — and sadly the rest of us — barely a year after signing that contract.

So why mention it now? … Well, never forget that we at Risqué remain but simple creatures.

We love parties. We love Mexican food. We love tequila. We love both Evan Stone and Mikayla Mendez. What’s not to like about this day? Vaya con Cerveza, y’all!


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