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Power to the Paola Rey

Paola Rey: A Fan of Fins


Power to the Paola Rey

Power to the Paola Rey

Fans of Fins

Celeste Star Appreciating Paola Rey

Fans of Fins

125 Photos + Video

[We ran this article a few years ago now over in Risqué Proper, but back then we did not have the ability to show off the HD video in one continuous stream of … let’s go with glory. You would of course need to JOIN to go back and see that presentation, y’know, if you want to read the illustrated commentary. (It does include pictures of Paola Rey laughing with her strap-on, if that helps.) Or you can simply view the big gallery and “consider” the uncut video in our little bit o’ the Risqué World. Options that involve lesbians tend to be our favorites, for the record.]

Now to the “Reel” Paola Rey of Sunshine

Women don’t show up in this business without knowing how to have sex with some amount of creativity and passion. Of course having sex on camera well certainly has a learning curve, but everyone enters the game assuming skills beyond the simple mechanics of the act. [Well, on rare occasions you might get the “getting back at daddy or the ex” motivation, but for the most part, the women in the industry learned early on that sex gets them attention, and attention gets them the other things they want.]

When you watch adult movies long enough, or better yet when you visit enough porn sets, you learn, though, that not every performer brings the same thing to the sexual table. As with any athletic event, when you watch carefully you will find contortions or move combinations that simply not everyone can make in real life. [While this may be true, at least some of this limberness comes from not having a big ol’ belly plopped in the middle of your body.] The “natural athlete” aspect of porn stardom comes into play (as it were) a lot more than you might expect.

If you take a moment to look beyond the mammalian girly-parts, you might be surprised, and never does this become more apparent than in still photographs. Particularly if the producer decides to shoot the “stills” for the scene as they have done with Paola, Holly, and Celeste — that being a “recreation” of the scene, rather than shooting pictures at the same time as the “video sex” — performers end up holding uncomfortable poses for a long time. Of course they have to do all of this looking not only natural, but even sexy.

[TIME OUT FOR HISTORY: If you want to try this at home, give yourself some room on the floor and give this a shot: Get on all fours with your butt toward the camera. Now turn your head around so the camera can see your face as well. Now get rid of that crease in your side. … Every novice photographer I have ever witnessed has given that set of instructions to a model. Good managers train their clients not to give the universal “You’re an idiot” look at this point in the proceedings.]

For those of you that don’t know, however, Paola Rey happens to have a secret weapon: Paola really, really loves to have sex, and that shows even if you happen to be on set and get to see all the “edited out” parts missing from the released scene. Obviously you have to be comfortable with sex to even think about this business as a profession, but set veterans can tell you that a wide divergence exists between willing to and want to when it comes to performing intimate acts on camera. [Yeah, well, that pretty much applies to all of life, does it not?]

In addition to the “We Love Paola” chant that our recent Georgia Adair festivities brought about, we also chose this particular event for the post this time around because rarely can you actually see a complete difference in mental state simply by looking at a series of photographs. If you have ever wondered about the progression between sexy and sexual, Celeste, Holly, and Paola can help you out here. You may also note that women tend to have a great deal of fun with scenes calling for strap-ons. [I have never seen a woman put on a “realistic” strap-on without immediately settling into a stance and demeanor reminiscent of the homecoming quarterback. They just love to strut, much like, well, guys with dicks that big.]

As with most of the lessons on risqué, nothing you learn here will likely have even a little bit of an important impact in your everyday lives, but we do find interesting things to think about. [Maybe, but it could also be that we mostly find interesting things to illustrate with. That said, you should have at least learned that if you ever decide to give your lady a strap-on to play with, you’d better be darned careful which way you face during the experiment. Bring another woman over; you’ll be much safer. … Unless of course you are another woman, in which case, nevermind.]

Holly Morgan, Celeste Star, Paola Rey


Holly Morgan has disappeared into private life, and Paola Ray has no internet presence these days either, save for the folks still working to make money off of her performances. Too bad, really. We miss that one. She was bubbly.

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