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Jezebelle Bond & Julian

Jezebelle Bond


Jezebelle Bond & Julian

An Unbreakable Bond

Jezebelle Bond, Julian

An Unbreakable Bond

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Over the years there have been a few women we ran across that just never seemed to achieve the stardom they clearly should have received. As long as you don’t tend to be overly shy, you can have sex on camera, and somebody will pay you for it. To be a “star” takes a good bit more than that, however.

You only had to be in a room with Jezebelle Bond for about 30 seconds before you figured out that this woman had something special. She shunned the “contract performer” route, thus she never had corporate resources dedicated to publicizing her persona, and that could have been a bit of the issue. Still a relaxed, witty, and playfully devilish person, Ms. Bond should have had a longer tenure in the public eye we have always thought.

Working all on her own, though, she may have simply been too smart and too isolated, as contradictory as that may seem. Spend a week running around the business, and you will find more than a few very intelligent individuals. If you work as a performer, though, and consequently people treat you as though your intelligence begins and ends with the size of your boobs or your genitals, well, that can be tough on a person. At least on that scale, Julian would be a genius, so there’s that.

Every intelligent person in this business has at one time or another taken a step back and realized the absurdity of what we do for a living. It helps to have a good circle of friends when those surreal moments hit you. Or beer. Beer can help too, as does thinking of Jezebelle Bond fondly.

Sadly these two old friends came and went before the Twitter craze, so we have resorted to another suggestion. If you cannot find Jezebelle Bond, at least you can be amused by Kylie Ireland’s cat. … It’s the Internet. Cats own the Internet, you know.


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