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Priya Rai

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Priya Rai

Playas Gon’ Play

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One of the great things about adult entertainment has to be the amazingly diverse group of performers you can find across the genre. Certainly if all of us were attracted to the exact same type as sexual partners, civilization would have died out long ago. So in a way, Priya Rai — technically Priya Anjali Rai — provides the world a great service by not looking like a typical California starlet.

We understand that the fairly common “Priya” part of her name means “beloved” in some really ancient language, and while we cannot speak to the qualifications of every actress that chooses to append the term to their name, we can see how it fits Priya Rai quite well. If you can’t be with the one you love …

Of course our favorite part of the video has to be the cop car suddenly reversing direction and driving away when it notices the camera in the opening shot of the video. We’re convinced that watching a lot of adult movies will not actually do you any harm, or affect your social capabilities at all, but it can make you weird. You start to notice the strangest things once the breasts stop captivating 100% of your attention. And we deserve some credit here. Priya Rai has some tough ones to ignore.

Some might even call them beloved.


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