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Chantelle Fox & Shayla LaVeaux

Chantelle Fox and Shayla LaVeaux


Chantelle Fox & Shayla LaVeaux

Playing for the Boy-Toy

Boy-Toy Priming from Chantelle and Shayla

Playing for the Boy-Toy

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Every good girl needs a boy-toy. Every bad girl really needs a boy-toy. Put a couple of bad girls together, and they most likely want a boy-toy, but they might be just fine on their own when push comes to shove — y’know, as it were.

If you happen to be the man in the equation, actually, you might feel more than a little left out — until you realize that the ladies in question know you’ll be hopping in soon, so they simply want to play a bit to warm things up, kind of stoke the feminine fires. After all, some things that taste just fine at room temperature really become an epicurean delight when heated. Of course you may not exactly be thinking of words like “epicurean” when you look at Shayla LaVeaux and Chantelle Fox. You might just wish you could play boy-toy for a day.


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