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Halloween comes around and folks (at least the adults) suddenly want to dress provocatively. Fortunately, if the ever-expanding costume empire has taught us anything, it must be that you simply need to cut that actual fabric used in a getup by about 80%, slap the word “sexy” in front of the description, and Viola! … you have an instant outfit perfect for any grown-up gathering.

That said, we do feel the obligation to point out something that apparently even “friends” do not tell each other. At the risk of being overly blunt, you should know that simply because one can buy a “sexy” costume in their size, this does not mean one should even contemplate such an action. At a recent local fund-raising event (theoretically), for example, we counted at least six different people in “Sexy Nurse” outfits, and only one of them did not appear to be blatantly lying. And even the “not completely scary” one could never really hold up in a contest with Sexy Nurse Puma Swede here. Although to be accurate, it may not be exactly fair if Puma Swede dresses up as anything for any competition whatsoever. Also, it does happen to be Halloween, so maybe “scary” was the goal — in which case we take back all the awful things we were thinking. Those were excellent costumes.

For our purposes, though, if you gotta be sick, you should have Puma take your temperature. … Or depending upon how one looks at it, maybe you should take hers. The typical male thermometer may not exactly be accurate to the tenth of a degree, but it can tell HOT when it feels it.

Since we have opened the honesty door, we should probably mention that basically every party we ever go to (well, except the local fund-raising ones) tend to be populated with adult movie stars, and they don’t even need a specific holiday to celebrate. It does add a little flair to the concept of Trick or Treat, however.


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