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Veronica Avluv


Veronica Avluv

When “Thing” Has Sex Dreams

Raylene, Tommy Gunn, Julia Ann

When “Thing” Has Sex Dreams

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You watch enough adult movies, and concepts like “perverted” can become almost antiquated concepts. If nothing else, you learn over time that a whole lot of bizarre things awaken sexual feelings in a whole lot of different sorts of people. As long as we fit the consenting adults standard, however, most of us find ourselves accepting of the diversity. We may shake our heads, occasionally uttering the ever-descriptive, “Really?” to our friends, but then we basically move along to something more personally gratifying — to put it politely.

Of course about that time you need to remember the adage that begins, “Just when you thought you’d seen everything …”

A very fine and charming woman by all accounts, Veronica Avluv shows herself at the very least open to new experiences in today’s clip. For anyone that remembers The Addams Family on television, the “Thing” reference will make perfect sense, and for the rest of you, we will explain that in the series they had a typical (well, for the household) butler, and they also had a “Thing” — which was just a hand that came up out of a box. That’s it. Just a hand.

Of course considering Veronica chose a stage name that spells “Vulva” backwards, she might actually be the perfect player for a scenario that could presumably give Morticia shivers — and the rest of us shivers of an entirely different kind. Our general consensus falls oddly on the “feels a little pervy” side of the scale, but consenting adults, and all that … .


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