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The Realm of Casual Sex

Lola Hunter and Shylon Commence Casual Sex


The Realm of Casual Sex

The Realm of Casual Sex

Lola Hunter, Shylon

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Lola Hunter, Shylon

Fresh off our discussion of brothel owner (and recently deceased dude) Dennis Hof, we got into a discussion about ways people deal with breakups and how those scenarios play out in adult movies. We wondered if literally casual sex could exist in a friendship world without ultimately destroying the very companionship that spawned it.

While none of us (admit to) ever paying for a pizza with sex — at least with the delivery person and not the dinner companion — a couple of the folks had never even heard of the most common “plot device” used in our world for handling a sad end to a relationship. Sad friends need comfort after all, y’know, while still getting to the necessary part of the genre here. Most of you may not be very surprised to learn that it took us less than 60 seconds to come up with an example on one of the edit machines.

We pulled a literally random scene out of the queue from Filly, and darned if it didn’t show exactly our point. To be fair, Filly happens to be one of the very good producers of lesbian films, but for whatever reason, this particular consoling into sex approach happens a lot in lesbian movies. It seems reasonable to assume it happens in gay male movies too, but we have no experts on that side of the business currently on staff. It makes sense, though.

Men do not tend to have “best friends” that are women, because quite simply the sexual undertones tend to disrupt the relationship. We do not mean to suggest that all female/male friendships dissolve in to sexual familiarity, but men tend to be simple, penile, creatures most of the time. It does seem reasonable to conclude that the majority of women in cross-gender friendship do in fact hold the sexual reigns.

If you find a man not boinking a woman he spends a lot of time with, odds are she has simply not been willing. Or she could be gay. Or he could be gay. … Either way, you need to take the reproductive biology out of the equation for exceptionally close friendships to form.

Suddenly we realized that we might have stumbled across an honest-to-goodness difference between hetero and gay friendships — an actual insight into the possibility of emotional, née spiritual, casual sex. And they we thought, “Wow. That’s a lot deeper than we planned on going here. NFL Primetime is about to start soon.”

And then we all dispersed so we could finish up our tasks real quick and grab lunches to cart into the media room.

After all was said and done, we decided to “sweeten” the scene for publication because why waste a good timeline, even considering a horrible plot line? Besides, we could have all learned that “cross-eyed and shit” could be the last remaining physical manifestation that one can still berate in the movies without fear of repercussions. The cross-eyed group probably just needs a better lobby, however, as that sure seems like bullying to us. Humans use a lot of different methods to get sex. Have you noticed?

Lola Hunter and Shylon


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