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Cassandra Cruz, Reena Sky & Marco Banderas

Menage A Flamenco


Cassandra Cruz, Reena Sky & Marco Banderas

Cassandra Cruz, Reena Sky & Marco Banderas

Ménage à Flamenco

Cassandra Cruz and Friends

Ménage à Flamenco

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It has been getting better, but over the vast majority of the “adult movie time” — post the invention of the home VCR and affordable camcorders — there has still been a color problem in the industry. No one will go so far as to say it out loud for fear of offending someone unintentionally, of course. Granted we offend a lot of people a lot of the time, but we do it with direct purpose, so that simply does not count. Hopefully we have done enough commentary on the site decrying the industry’s “subtle racism” standards, so we do not need to cover that again (yet). Relating to this Dark vs. Light view of performers, however, we have — at least the push for — a New America. We need to think about that.

As the Trump administration passes the 60-day mark, a little multi-cultural ménage à trois did sort of draw the two topics together, you see. Honestly, any time Cassandra Cruz wants to help us do anything at all, we welcome her. She can just sit down and eat pizza with us, and it would be fine. Read a book. Whatever. … Of course should Cassandra be guiding a couple of good friends WHILE demonstrating the value of embracing differences in upbringing and life experiences, so much the better.

In case you do not happen to have memorized all the current adult star bios, we can help here. We have…

  1. Cassandra Cruz — East Coast Latin
  2. Reena Sky — West Coast Latin
  3. Marco Banderas — Uruguay, via Spain, Latin

Now we avoid trying to treat people as if they are mindless cattle, so we will let you draw your own conclusions regarding our goals today, but we should provide the humorous snippet that spawned our direction. During an episode of a new office-favorite sitcom one of the characters was speaking to another, the second being an Iranian business owner. The first character says to the second, laughing, “I like you. I’m going to miss you when America is great again.” … Comedy does not have to be mindless either.

Oh, and for the record, the editor did not know how to spell "Flamenco” as we understand it, so we apologize. Hey, he’s white. What can you do?


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