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Shay Bennett – Convincingly Naïve

Talk Awhile with Cameron Keys and Shay Bennett


Shay Bennett – Convincingly Naïve

Shay Bennett – Convincingly Naïve

Cameron Keys and Shay Bennett

Talk Awhile

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Shay Bennett, Cameron Keys

In all honesty, it would be difficult to do a truly scientific study on how many people actually believe the line, “Why don’t we just sit and talk awhile?"

That said, it would seem to require a good bit of naïveté not to be aware of the underlying motives in such an approach — and that would be true even not on an adult movie set where they’ve been saving money by avoiding those pesky script writers who bother people with things like actual words to memorize. Of course if that didn’t do it, all the knee-touching and probing sexual questions might be hints as well.

Actually that little bit of intrusive “reality” actually spawned — pardon the expression here — our interest in highlighting this scene today. As you might imagine, playing naive does not exactly come naturally to most aspiring adult movie stars. Yet Ms. Shay does a remarkably adept job at conveying just that. Hey, pulling off a performance of your first lesbian kiss — not to mention experience — takes some acting chops. OK. So we do not know for certain that shy, er Shay, had actually done all of this before, but we feel fairly confident in the assumption. As professional giggling goes, she does a bang-up job — again, so to speak in this instance. If nothing else, holding off the horny cougar for more than nine minutes before anybody even starts to get naked shows a remarkable devotion to the craft.

Without getting into the age-old debate of whether these movies even need a believable story in the first place, or whether that improves or simply delays the fantasy, we will say that you could use this as a lesson in life — y’know if you ever have nothing to do, you have no cell service, and your mom’s friend decides to hit on you. Decide what you want to do, but at least make them work for it. Then absolutely own it. Ad lib happens basically all day in real life. If you ever have to do it on camera, just pretend you’re in the situation for real.…

Of course you can just as easily simply enjoy Shay Bennett in her rather spirited multi-generational lesbian romp, and you can ridicule those of us that try to draw a deeper meaning. We could just be crazy. That does seem to be a popular opinion in some circles. Oh, and also, if you end up with a partner that won’t go down on you, dump that idiot real speedy quicko.

By the way, and for the record, we could find nary a single person in the office who claimed that suggesting sex has ever worked when he (or she) found a comely lass complaining of boredom, but not many of us could technically remember the opportunity ever presenting itself either. One of our elders responded, “I’ve lived more than half a century, and 40+ years of that I have been surrounded by women. That must have happened at least once in my life. But I clearly didn’t get laid, because then I’d remember it. … Probably.”

Yeah, we all hang out here because of the overflowing fine examples of altruism and compelling humanity around the place. Probably.

[Our “Shay Bennett” in this episode reached more fame under the name Jasmine Wolff, so we have provided that Twitter account here. We do try to be helpful.]


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