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Michelle Maylene & Rick Patrick

Michelle Maylene


Michelle Maylene & Rick Patrick

Quite the War Haul

Asia Carerra

Quite the War Haul

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Photographers will often try to fit the scene “into” the location for the shoot. Of course considering the dimuntive stature of Michelle Maylene, she can pretty much fit anywhere. That said, even a star seen (at least) hundreds of places previously can take on a unique appeal when a photographer shoots with a post-production process in mind.

In an almost competative interplay between Michelle and Boy du Jour, the artist here captures not only sexuality — a simple task, considering the event — but also an intense voyeuristic interaction with the star. And true connection with the subject matter does rather seem the point in this case. As for the setting, if you take one thing from this make it be this: You can sometimes get a lot from very little. Of course that only applies if you do not have the option of taking Michelle Maylene herself, who also happens to be very little while always giving a lot.

Should you wish to try this at home, be mindful of the qualifications of your star. You might think that anyone could fit into such strong artistic interpretation, but were that the case, you would be surprised. It takes very unique skin and muscle tones to carry of this effect across an entire set of pictures. If only you could see Michelle’s personality in them as well, because she has at least as much “tone” in that.


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