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A Piercing Inquiry


A Piercing Inquiry

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We have all heard that everything in life boils down to timing, and that may well be the case with Tenaya. Unfortunately this would not be timing of the “golly, that was excellent” variety.

Having grown up in the suburbs of Victorville, California — which if you have ever been there you know basically means dirt, cactus, and rocks — Tenaya long felt the attraction of life down Interstate 15 in Los Angeles. Of course also having felt the attraction of other women in a more intimate way, working in the adult industry added to its appeal. Unfortunately for Tenaya, her interests coincided basically with the seismic implosion of adult movie production caused by the eruption of the free porn “tube” sites and the more general economic depression gripping the country at the time.

So Tenaya did not stay around long, as the pressure to have sex on camera with men grew to the point that she just walked away from it all. If your goal involves having sex with beautiful women, and not necessarily being a “star” as such, well just a little confidence from a handful of movies might work for you just fine. One can find beautiful women in many places besides adult movie sets. So she retired not even a year after she officially began, and those of us that knew her feel bad about that, even though we understand.

Tenaya has gone back to college considering both EMT and even U.S. Army vocations before settling on a psychology degree as a foundation for the next step. When we talk to her today, she remains as bubbly and happy as ever, although she did ultimately decide that military service might not be her best career path. Apparently they have a lot of rules, and they have to get up really early in the morning.

The Closest You Will Find to Information on Tenaya: On Twitter

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