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Jenna Haze (+18)

Jenna Haze & many, many friends


Jenna Haze (+18)

Jenna Haze (+18)

Bang ’em if Ya Got ’em

Fair to Mid-Line

Bang ‘em if Ya Got ‘em

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[Just a quick note here on the photo selection for Jenna Haze. Most everyone knows that the Risque Commune has chosen not to display hardcore, or even nude, photos in free areas of the web due to potential viewers out there. Considering that, you need to understand that today’s feature happens to be a 19-woman lesbian orgy, and nobody had any clothes on — ever. Consequently, we selected a few lovely shots that one of us took wandering around town one day, and we hope you enjoy them. The photos in the members’ section qualify as lovely in a quite different manner. With that in mind…]

Jenna Haze and 18 of her Closest Friends … like very Close Friends | Alana Evans, Audrey Bitoni, Avy Lee Roth, Candy Manson, Elena Rivera, Eva Angelina, Joanna Angel, Kimberly Kole, Kylee King, Lisa Daniels, Lorena Sanchez, Lyla Lei, Nikita Kash, Roxy Deville, Sammie Rhodes, Sunny Lane, Veronica Rayne, Victoria Valentino

Let’s face it: One needs a fairly significant amount of self-confidence in order to pursue a career requiring you to be naked all the time — on camera.

This happens to be true even though today we live in an era where porn jokes can show up in a primetime sitcom. Heck, some aspect of adult entertainment will regularly be a topic on talk — or even news — shows when sweeps weeks roll around. Sure we never saw Ann Marie and Don Hollinger discussing what kind of XXX kink they might want to view while trying out some of the now legal “edibles” over the weekend, but these days even comedies will subtly (or not) wax into aggressive social commentary in the dialogue. Porn doesn’t even rank as the most controversial anymore. [As a borrowed phrase directed at our U.S. President via “Superior Donuts” for example: We’ll miss that when American is great again.]

Even in these “enlightened” times, however, the vast majority of us would never consider performing in an adult movie, and even though a majority of the populace may support — or at least not be offended by — the industry, you’d have a very tough time finding a majority that would come out and vocally support First Amendment blow job rights. So within our business we still have an underlying Us vs. Them mentality to some degree. We no longer fear police showing up at the front door as we scramble out the back, but the parents in our ranks still rarely feel welcome at the PTA, and the professional choices after retiring from an on-camera career can often seem wholly and unfairly limited.

Big issues do not dominate our thoughts this time around, though. We will leave for another time any significant discussions of female demeanor with men around vs. female demeanor without men around, but we all have experiences enough to understand that big differences exist. We needn’t even pursue a consideration of the barely-beneath-the-surface competitiveness that adult stars feel with each other. Nope. Today we need only appreciate the true freedom celebrated with an orgy big enough to field both teams in a baseball game — y’know were they not otherwise occupied.

Get a potentially rebellious, certainly self-confident, group of adult actresses together and tell them simply to have fun? Well that they can do. … What you can do will, naturally, be up to you. (And we emphasized that word “naturally” on purpose here. Folks never talk about more than a few things that come naturally, have you noticed?)

Times continue to change, and we all run the risk of thinking “our group” somehow represents the norm in evolutionary thinking. So to be clear, we do not think that a couple dozen women will get together for a lesbian orgy all that often in the real world, but golly we like to think that if they did we’d all be fine with it. … Of course the average person rarely thinks of themselves as average, so there’s that.


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