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Audrey Hollander & Venus

Audrey Hollander & Venus


Audrey Hollander & Venus

Plan It Tarry GLOW

Audrey Hollander, Venus

Plan It Tarry GLOW

Video Only

If you enjoy your lesbian interludes tending toward the “bouncing each other off of the walls” variety, then you probably already know about Audrey Hollander and Venus.

We tend to be fairly picky about our “video only” sorts of posts, because quite honestly all of our artists (so far) have come from a still photograph background. A couple of them even remember this really old stuff called film, and he denies it, but the rest of us are fairly certain that our oldest contributor learned to take pictures back when you had to put that black fabric over your head and the flash went “POOF!” when you set it off.

Even our venerable old risque chap gave the same reaction we all had to Ms. Audrey Hollander and Venus here, that being the certainly far from eloquent, but nevertheless succinctly accurate, “Wowza” … .


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