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Alektra Blue, Francesca Le & Angie Savage

Francesca Le & Alektra Blue


Alektra Blue, Francesca Le & Angie Savage

Warning Becomes Alektra

Alektra Blue

Warning Become Alektra

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The girls they do like to go clubbing. But try telling them they’re not on the VIP list, and, well, chaos can erupt.

Now as with many of the adult scenes you may run across, we’re going to need to bring into play our ability to suspend disbelief, but, hey, if movies were only about reality they’d be called “news” and no one would watch them because they’d be too depressing. So when Alektra Blue leads her cohort Francesca Lé into a full frontal assault on new club employee Angie Savage, well, we hardly even notice that the club apparently has no customers — which turns out to be fine, because it also has no music playing.

Hmm. Full frontal assault. That sounds like Alektra Blue. … And should you happen to be a fan of Greek Mythology, then “Warning Becomes Alektra” will make you laugh. No sense having a useless college degree unless you have some fun when Euripides off.


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