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Casey Cumz and Love

Marco Rivera and Casey Cumz


Casey Cumz and Love

Casey Cumz and Love

Love in an Analvator

Marco Rivera, Casey Cumz

Love in an Analvator

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If you take any kind of a very basic How to Get People to Visit Your Website course, you will learn the astounding news that people love a “Top Ten” Anything. Granted, many of us attribute this fascination primarily to David Letterman, but the fact remains that we all seem to love things we know have a defined conclusion. Remember how algebra just seemed like it was never going to end? Yeah, we hate that.

Heck, there are entire giant companies that do nothing except release a new Top Ten list on YouTube every day. Somehow our over-exuberant-in-the-morning group got on a list of songs people presumably did not know were “dirty” when they released. Of course the do-not-bother-me-until-after-coffee-#2 group just looked at them aghast, wondering how in the world these people can now buy their own booze and get to vote. Anybody who thought “Milkshake” or “Magic Stick” had anything to do with dairy products or prestidigitation, well, those people are just weird. Yet the debates continue. We are, at times, sadly bovine creatures.

All of that said, though, you throw your pop culture geeks in with your down and dirty sex geeks, and you can actually hear this conversation in your office:

“Oh, wow. Did you know Love in an Elevator debuted 18 years ago this August?”

“Hey we were just watching a great Casey Cumz anal scene from the vault. We should call it Love in an Analvator.

Seriously, the stream of consciousness around here can give you whiplash. On the other hand, Casey really does perform an inspirational bevy of positions based around that butt-pivot theme, and we did get our first hearing of Steven Tyler workin’ like a dog for the boss man a whole legal-to-vote number of years ago. We were honestly going to point out that Johnny Paycheck was telling them to take this job and shove it at least a dozen years before that, but somehow just more coffee and the Zen that a closed door can bring led us out of the room.

They really should be able to tell when things are “dirty” now, at least around here we figure.

Love in an elevator
Livin’ it up when I’m goin’ down… Aerosmith

By the way — and definitely for the record, Casey Cumz a bit too on the mark stage name aside — any organization that creates a top strip club songs list that includes Snoop Dogg yet does not include “Girls, Girls, Girls” … well, they clearly need a new Crüe.


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