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Sinnamon Love, Jayla Starr & Courtney Cummz

Courtney Cummz, Jayla Starr, Sinnamon Love


Sinnamon Love, Jayla Starr & Courtney Cummz

Sinnamon Love, Jayla Starr & Courtney Cummz

The Locker Womb

Sinnamon Love

The Locker Womb

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When you get enough experience under your belt, you learn that you do not want to watch any sports programming on television the week after your team loses a Super Bowl. You will only hear what horrible things you did wrong, and how poorly your team executed its game plan, and generally how lousy it is to be you. Yeah, well, you already know these things, and you already feel sad enough.

Speaking of “under the belt,” however, when you get enough experience, you also know that this particular area may be an excellent place in which to find solace.

For example, Sinnamon Love, Jayla Starr, and Courtney Cummz provide a fine opportunity for feeling better today. Now if you follow the Risque home site — at least in the members’ area — you already know that one lone soul in the group happens to be a Carolina Panthers fan. This individual already feels lousy right now, so we would never out him by revealing his name publicly, but you might get some clue of his position in the company with the photo set today because the Art Director seems to have somehow mapped all the colors to Carolina Blue and Silver. Nope. Nary a hint of orange anywhere in the entire set. It’s a mystery.

The video Art Director has different team affiliations, though, so you will see a more traditional range of colors in the moving picture version of this “Locker Womb” event which should make most everyone happy. In the NFL world, you see, fans of 30 other teams have already felt the “blues” this season. They have either moved along or have been actively scouting the free agency pool and the next draft class. Without meaning to offend any of these spectacularly misguided individuals, we will subtly suggest some risque alternatives to fill time until next September.


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