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Kristal Summers & Pat Myne

Kristal Summers


Kristal Summers & Pat Myne

Victory is “Myne”

Kristal Summers

Victory is “Myne”

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We understand that one has to suspend a certain amount of disbelief in order enjoy (at least the plot) aspects of adult movies. We also understand that a great many “productions” do not include the budget or time for actual scripts to come into play. That said, if you’re going to wing it, you probably shouldn’t be playing a photographer in the scene and then walk up to Kristal Summers wearing a bikini and say, “I want you to be really sexy.”

Correct. We also want her to breathe, but it doesn’t really seem like we need to tell her that either.

In fairness to Pat, knowing you’re going to be spending the next few hours of your life having sex with Kristal Summers could tend to jumble one’s brain a bit. (We do not know this for certain, but we can assure you that we remain willing to test the hypothesis.)

Rarely in adult entertainment has there been a woman who so completely immerses herself in the act of copulation that you begin to wonder if she even remembers that someone in the room has a camera. A lot of people have beautiful, elegant, nearly choreographed interchanges with sexual partners on film, but Kristal seems to enjoy sex the way we all do at home — or at least wish we could at home.

Good sex gets hot, a bit frantic, and more than a little bit sweaty. If you don’t happen to like it that way, then you will not enjoy watching Kristal Summers. Of course if that turns out to be the case, you should probably have a friend bury you. You’re dead.


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